Critical Care Guidelines and Resources

The aim of the CRITICAL CARE GUIDELINES AND RESOURCES is to compile all the guidance, manuals, resources and protocols available at South Tees General Critical Care Services. It has been prepared to facilitate the new nurses and trainee doctors access to the best available evidence for critical care adapted to our local unit at South Tees. 

The handbook is intended to act as an aide-memoire and source of information for all staff on critical care. It includes links to other Trust guidelines and external websites. The handbook is to be used by staff in critical care areas. Staff not trained in critical care, or not working routinely in critical care areas should consult with appropriate clinicians before using this handbook.

At present is still under construction. As soon as a chapter is finished it is sent for review to the senior clinicians at South Tees Critical Care Services before publishing.

We hope to update the handbook regularly and we will be grateful for any comments or suggestions or corrections about its content. Please email:


This website is written for professional healthcare workers.

Although considerable care has been taken in the preparation of this Handbook of Critical Care Knowledge, the authors at the Critical Care Services at South Tees Hospital NHS Trust, take no responsibility for any adverse event resulting from its use.


We would like to thank all the staff at the Critical Care Units at South Tees Hospital NHS Trust for all their efforts in the production of this handbook.


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